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Have you found a property you would like to buy?  Not sure how to improve it, within your budget?


The KWA Pre-purchase pack is a simplified architectural service aimed directly at property buyers, to help them understand a property’s value and potential - in a fast affordable way.


One of our experienced architects will visit the property with you.

KWA will then provide you with diagrammatic plans, associated high level cost and programme information, as well as current market information.


Our Pre-purchase pack will enable you to make informed decisions around your offer and realistic potential improvements to the property.

Each Pre-purchase pack includes:

  • Property visit with one of our architects

  • Sketch survey of existing building

  • Zoning and heritage constraints information

  • Lightstone Property Report

  • Diagrammatic plan options at 1:200 / 1:500

  • ‘Look and feel’ reference images

  • Approximate costs

  • Timeline


Please                to discuss your Pre-purchase pack

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