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Our Master planning service is designed to help clients understand their property’s full potential. KWA will explore possible design responses to meet your requirements, and will consider the best way to achieve your objectives within your budget – demolition and new build?, renovate?, additions?.


The KWA Master plan includes enough sketch design information, associated high level cost information, and an indicative timeline - to allow you to make informed decisions regarding the scope and extent of the work you wish to proceed with. The document covers SACAP project stages 1&2.


This is a fast, efficient way to understand how best to improve your property, refine your brief, define your budget, and to ensure you do not knowingly overcapitalize on your investment.

Each bespoke A3 presentation pack includes:

  • Survey of the existing building(s)

  • A set of measured existing CAD plans

  • Zoning and heritage constraints information

  • Brief

  • Set of proposed sketch plans at 1:100 / 1:50   (usually 2-3 options)

  • ‘Look and feel’ reference images

  • Outline cost document

  • Outline programme


Please                to discuss your Master plan

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