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“If you’re not online, you don’t exist!”, is the advice of our talented internship student, and so (kicking and screaming) KWA has joined the 21st century – on all platforms I am told! A far cry from our humble beginnings, where two architectural soul mates started designing homes from an old chapel.


In the early “noughties” I bumped into my long-time colleague, Karen Wygers at the infamous Sani2C mountain bike race (just to be clear, neither of us were actually participating). “What you up to Lori?” asked Karen – to which I replied “Nothing important – should we do something?”- “Cool – pop in to my place on Monday”. And so, started the now decade old practice. Our partnership focussed on creating an alternative practice to those previously prescribed by the profession. KWA initially operated collaboratively with young architects looking to establish their own brand – mostly women looking for modern working models.


Today, the practice continues without our wonderfully talented friend but the spirit of her ideology lives on, in a brand associated with timeless design for exquisitely curated buildings and interiors.


Our personalised design and build process, refined over the years, aims to provide clients with the best possible end-product. As such, each project’s professional team is built around focused project management and financial control services, with appropriate building contractors who have experience with KWA's process and deliverables. KWA prides itself in providing a barrier-free, empowering workspace to its employees and consultants, encouraging them to look beyond the constraints of their own skills and professions towards collaborative, intelligent design solutions.





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