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KWA is an Architectural Design practice established in 2007 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Principal Lorin Burgoyne, together with a curated team of architects, technicians and interior designers, brings a wealth of experience to their projects, which range from private residences to lodges and leisure buildings around Southern Africa.

Benno Piehl







Catherine Grainger



Lorin Burgoyne

Lorin Burgoyne

BAS(UCT), M.Arch (TUKS), Pr.Arch (SACAP)

After receiving a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Cape Town, Lorin’s internship with Arup Consulting in Cape Town was focussed on green-building design and materials specifications, including BP’s Headquarters at The Waterfront.


Her Masters in Architecture thesis, designed viable living environments for children affected by HIV. It was adopted by the Oprah Winfrey Foundation for integration into the Ikageng-Itireleng Community in Soweto.


Lorin first worked with Karen Wygers at Urban Solutions. It was here that Lorin's passion for urban design was nurtured. She learnt the art of place making and to create carefully planned spatial experiences.


Lorin joined KWA in 2008 and became the sole owner and Principal Design Architect in 2015. She has a wealth of experience in designing private homes and leisure spaces, including a comprehensive portfolio of heritage buildings. Her designs are the product of rigorous thought and a passion for the creation of beautiful spaces.


Outside of her practice work, Lorin sits on the Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents’ Association (SAPRA) as their Heritage Architect, responsible for approving plans for alterations and renovations of heritage buildings in coordination with the Provincial Heritage Resource Agency (PHRAG). 

Catherine Grainger

BA Hons (UCL), M.Arch (RCA), Pr.Arch (SACAP)

Originally from Ireland, Catherine studied at University College London and the Milan Politecnico in Italy, before completing her Masters in Architecture (M.Arch) at the Royal College of Art, London.

After working with smaller design-led practices in the UK and Italy, she spent 6 years at John McAslan and Partners in London, where she led high profile commercial, residential and mixed use projects and gained valuable experience working with heritage buildings and within sensitive contexts. Catherine has also worked on slum regeneration schemes in Mumbai, India, and exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair.

After moving to Johannesburg in 2012, Catherine worked at Sarah Calburn Architects, before joining KWA Architects in 2015, where she now works on heritage, residential and commercial projects across Southern Africa. 

Benno Piehl

B(tech) (UJ) (SACAP No. TO422) 

Benno joined KWA in 2010 where he is now the Senior Architectural Technologist. Benno has been involved with each and every single one of KWA’s projects since he has joined – nearing the 200 mark. His insight and experience into our practice is huge.


He has a most treasured ability of climbing inside an architect's head, understanding the nuances of what we are trying to achieve and finding brilliant technical solutions. In addition he provides on site architectural management and is a builder's best friend.

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